Natrum muriaticum dosage for depression

Mental emotions cause such weakness that one or more limbs are useless. Natrum muriaticum or Chloride of Sodium may be considered first in its physiological relations. It enters into every tissue of the body, even into the enamel of the teeth. It is regarded as a stimulant to the various tissues into which it enters. It exists in quite considerable quantities in the various humors of the eye, particularly in the aqueous humor and crystalline lens, and also in the vitreous humor.

It has been said that its function here is to preserve the transparency of the respective tissues. Natrum mur. We find it indicated in catarrhs with mucous secretion abnormal in quantity rather than in quality. This hypersecretion of mucus is accompanied by paroxysms of sneezing. Fluent alternates with dry coryza. Every exposure to fresh air gives the patient cold. The wings of the nose are apt to be sore and sensitive.

natrum muriaticum dosage for depression

There is almost always in the Natrum mur. The tonsils are often very red. The uvula is elongated, probably from relaxation of its muscles.

Recovering from Heartbreak

There is a constant feeling as of a plug in the throat and the patient chokes easily when swallowing. The tongue is coated in insular patches. The cough arises from the accumulation of clear mucus in the posterior nares, pharynx and larynx. Of course, there is hoarseness.

natrum muriaticum dosage for depression

Another form of cough calling for Natrum mur. We shall frequently find Natrum mur.It is a an effective remedy used in homoeopathy to relieve people from dehydration, tiredness and undernourishment.

However, it can also be used for other purposes. Nevertheless, if this salt can relieve many ailments, it can also lead to anaemia, neurological disorders and an increase in blood pressure if it is consumed in high doses.

Natrum Muriaticum allows you to treat ear infections or rhinitis caused by allergies. People suffering from nasopharyngitis, which either manifests itself by discharge or by dryness of the mucous membranes, can be relieved by taking Natrum Muriaticum.

Asthma and sensations of a lump in the throat can be also treated this way. Natrum muriaticum helps treat herpes, acne and seborrhoeic dermatitis fungi that causes dandruff on the scalp. Natrum Muriaticum is mostly used in urology to treat or prevent recurrent urinary tract infections.

In gynaecology, it helps treat painful menstruation. In case of vaginal lesions, the use of this homoeopathic remedy will relieve the patient. Children who have a tendency to cry in hiding or who overly enjoy loneliness can be cured with Natrum Muriaticum. Fatigue and other related diseases like burnouts, are also resolved with this remedy. Besides, it treats several other cases of depression, such as discouragement, sadness, etc. Natrum Muriaticum is used to treat acromegaly, which is made apparent by an exaggerated increase in the size of arms and feet caused by an excess amount of growth hormone.

Diabetes insipidus caused by excess growth of hormones can also be treated with this remedy. Diseases that cause dehydration, as well as diarrhea and constipation, can be effectively treated by using Natrum Muriaticum.

Furthermore, it can also quickly heal burns and other types of stomach pain. To treat rhinitis caused by allergies, ear infections and nasopharyngitis, it is advisable to take 5 granules of Natrum Muriaticum 15 CH every day for 3 months. Asthma can be cured after 3 month by taking a weekly dose of Natrum Muriaticum 15 CH.

In dermatology, diseases are treated with a weekly dose of Natrum Muriaticum 15 CH over a 3-month period. Other homoeopathic stocks, such as Muriaticum acidum or Urtica urens, may be used in combination with Natrum Muriaticum to treat chronic urticaria. To treat urinary tract infections, take a weekly dose of Natrum Muriaticum 15 CH during 3 months. To alleviate menstrual pain, take 5 granules of Natrum Muriaticum 15 CH from the 15th day to the last day of the cycle.

To relieve vaginal lesions, it is advised to take 5 granules of Natrum Muriaticum 15 CH once a day for 3 months. Physical or intellectual fatigue is treated with a weekly dose of Natrum Muriaticum 15 CH over a 3-month period. Regarding depression, a weekly dose of Natrum Muriaticum 30 CH is recommended over a 3-month period as well. To recover from dehydration, weight loss or exhaustion resulting from an intestinal disease, it is advised to take a dose of Natrum Muriaticum 9 CH on the first day and a dose of Natrum Muriaticum 12 CH on the 2nd day.

Good to know : Natrum Muriaticum is recommended for various kinds of diseases. Facebook Twitter. Home Pathologies Treatments Contact. Articles recentes. Treatment for ENT and respiratory tract problems Natrum Muriaticum allows you to treat ear infections or rhinitis caused by allergies.Below are the main rubriks i. The very highest potencies often yield most brilliant results. And in infrequent dosage.

BETTER, open air, cold bathing, going without regular meals, lying on right side; pressure against back, tight clothing. Antidotes: Arsenicum Album Ars. Dulcamara Dulc. Aches as if a thousand little hammers were knocking on the brain, in the morning on awakening, After menstruation, from Sunrise to sunset. Chronic headache, semi-lateral, congestive, from sunrise to sunset, with pale face, nausea, vomiting; periodical; from eyestrain; menstrual. Tears stream down face on coughing Euphorbium Euph.

Asthenopia due to insufficiency of Internal recti muscles Gelsemium Sempervirens Gels. Cataract Incipient Secale Cornutum Secale.

Violent, fluent coryza, lasting from one to three days, then changing into stoppage of nose, making breathing difficult.

Tongue mapped Arsenicum Album Ars. Loss of taste. Cough from a tickling in the pit of stomach, accompanied by stitches in liver and spurting of urine Causticum Caust.

Shortness of breath, especially on going upstairs Calc Carb Calc. Whooping-cough with Flows of tears with cough. Sensations in throat and air passages either from coughing, or causing coughing ; from irritation in air passages; in larynx. Crusty eruptions in Bends of limbs, margin of scalp, behind ears Causticum Caust. Warts on palms of hands. Heartburn, with palpitation.

Increased, involuntary when walking, coughing, etc. Bearing-down pains; worse in morning Sepia Sep. Prolapsus uteri, with cutting in urethra.Some doctors may suggest trying homeopathic medicines. However, homeopathy should be used as an additional treatment, but not as a stand-alone therapy. There are numerous medicines that can be used to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Make sure your symptoms are not caused by other illnesses like an underactive thyroid or a stomach ulcer. If you are experiencing gastric symptoms like indigestion and diarrhea, mixed with panic attacks, arsenicum album is most effective.

It is based on white arsenic that may cause gastroenteritis if taken in a toxic dose, but when taken in a homeopathic potency can help gastric symptoms. If you are thriving while using arsenicum album, you will probably be very tidy but also restless. Patients using this natural remedy can be convinced they have a physical illness that is being looked over because they feel ill.

They may go through many investigations like endoscopies and colonoscopies before they accept what is wrong with them. Patients that are hard to reassure will normally take a dose of 30c three to four times a day, complemented by Aconite 30c taken when needed if they are still experiencing panic attacks.

People that are going through emotional ups and downs are often found to be difficult to deal with. They tend to resist sympathy and are oversensitive to advice because they take it as criticism. This homeopathic treatment is used when patients have symptoms of stress. These types of patients feel like they should be going out and doing more instead of staying home and doing less.

Natrum Muriaticum

As time goes on they will begin to feel more tired and not as high spirited. A dose of c is used when there is a clear history of a definite cause of the illness. When the cause of the illness is unclear, a dose of 30c is used. Patients who are overall sad and silent are usually prescribed sepia. Sepia usually suits women who feel alone or sad. Sepia also works for women who always feel hungry and never full or the complete opposite; women who experience nausea at the smell of food.

We categorize depression as something only women can get. It is true that twice as many females are treated for depression than males, but males may still get depressed.

Also, not all depressions need to be treated with medication. Try to find a hobby that relaxes you or find a sport you really enjoy! At Homeopath Las Vegas we believe that homeopathic medicine is the art of healing through symptoms. Homeopathy can help soothe your feelings of anxiety or depression by treating your symptoms.

There are tons of homeopathic remedies geared towards helping anxiety and depression.S odium and chloride is on opposite sides of the periodic table. Sodium chloride can be found in a variety of natural, human, and man-made products such as saltwater, tears, and table salt. This short video by homeopath Dr.

Tom Rowe, M. Natrum Muriaticum is a top remedy for grief and depression. They will dwell over past disagreeables. Natrum Muriaticum users will have deep painful sadness, especially over the past and will close themselves off to alleviate their pain. Alternatively, people needing Natrum Muriaticum may also have hysterical responses to these negative events. As mentioned before, Natrum Muriaticum is usually indicated by the fact that they build an emotional wall to keep themselves safe from emotional disappointments, such as broken relationships.

Therefore, they are closed off from everyone and everything. They want to be alone and stay crowded in their own feelings. On the other hand, they also have a strong need to bond. As sensitive individuals, they want a connection in a 1 on 1 relationship with others, whether personal or romantic. But because of their introvertedness, no one would ever know about this. Natrum Muriaticums usually have only 1 best friend. They may also have this kind of longing for a connection with their mother, whether she is alive or not.

Often, their issues may come on from the death of their mother. It can also manifest into different ways. This is the inner, core conflict of most persons needing Natrum Muriaticum: feeling alone and separated and wanting to connect with other people. Natrum Muriaticums are generally quite responsible and perfectionistic, because they need to keep things together.

The headaches will feel like little hammers tapping constantly on the head. People needing this remedy tend to have discharges that are clear, like egg whites. The remedy is also good for asthma when indicated, especially when the person is worse in the evening between PM. Natrum Muriaticum is great for the following skin conditions when indicated:. People needing this remedy tend to crave sour, lemon, alcohol, beer, fish, and ale.

They usually have aversions to slimy food, oysters, and meat fat. They desire to be alone and need time to be with themselves. To compensate for this, they may also be promiscuous. Similarly, Natrum Muriaticum children may have developmental delays in expression.

They can express themselves, but for whatever reason they choose not to. Children needing this remedy also are not flexible and more ambivalent. They want things to be both ways. Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions.

Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of naturalholistichomeopathic. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

Sign me up for the FREE newsletter! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.Introduction and History: It is a polychrest amongst polychrests. It is found in almost all the tissues of our body. It is a constitutional, very long and deep acting, antipsoric remedy. It is a biochemic remedy of highest importance. Deficiency of this salt produces malnutrition, emaciation and anaemia.

It exists more largely in the aqueous humour of the eyes and the crystalline lens. It is a great remedy for emaciation and loss of flesh. It stimulates digestion by increasing flavour of food and by increasing the quantity and quality of gastric juice. Description: It occurs abundantly in nature, nearly everywhere.

It crystallizes from aqueous solutions in colourless, transparent, anhydrous cubes; it is soluble in water but insoluble in absolute alcohol.

2 Top Homeopathic Remedies for Depression Major | Suicidal thoughts

It is extracted from sea water and is also found in rock salt, in north-west border of Pakistan, dissolved in sea water and lakes.

Preparation: The pure salt is used for preparation. It is dissolved in water in the proportion of 1 to 9 parts. Further dilutions are prepared from this in water or alcohol to highest potencies according to homeopathic pharmacy. Constitution and Physiognomy: It is best suited to cachectic, anaemic, emaciated people; young people having a tendency to grow fat.

The face is as if greased, oily, waxy and shiny. Ailments From: Disappointment, fright, loss of fluids, masturbation, fit of passion, quinine, profuse menses, vexation, anger, grief, bread, excessive use of salt, wine, injury to head, sexual excess, acid food.

Discharge: Discharges are acrid, excoriating, watery or like the white of an egg causing itching and discolouration of the surrounding areas. Tongue: Geographical mapped tongue; white coating with dry bubbles of froth. Sensation of a hair on the tongue. Lachrymation: Lachrymation corrosive. Tears stream down the face when coughing; lachrymation on sneezing. Copious lachrymation with coryza. Emaciation: General emaciation; emaciation proceeds from above downwards.

Most marked about the neck, which is very thin and shrunken. Urine and stool: Cannot pass urine and stool in presence of others, even a nurse. Involuntary urine when walking, coughing, laughing. Headaches: Headaches of school going girls, who are anaemic. Headache from sunrise to sunset. Severe stitching pain in right eye and orbit. Great severity, as if bursting. Left sided headache. Relieved by perspiration. Desires and aversions: Great desire for salt, salty things, sour or bitter things, milk and fish, but aversion to meat, bread, men and coitus.

Constriction: Sensation of contraction or constriction, in chest, heart, scalp, rectum, throat, uterus, anus, vagina, hamstring muscles, etc.

Sensation: Sensation as if stool would pass when passing wind. Dryness: Dryness of all mucous membranes, from the mouth to the anus. Dry skin. Painful coition due to dryness of the vagina.Make a Donation Join Login. Natural History. Sodium chloride. Common Salt. Addison's disease.

Natrum muriaticum homeopathic medicine - natrum mur 30, 200, 1m, uses, benefits & personality

Cracks in the skin. Face, complexion unhealthy. Glossopharyngeal Paralysis. Heart, affections of. Herpes circinatus. Hodgkin's disease. Intermittent fever. Lips, eruption on.

natrum muriaticum dosage for depression

Lungs, edema of. Menstruation, disorders of. Mouth, inflammation of. Nettle rash.

natrum muriaticum dosage for depression

Speech, embarrassed. Spinal irritation. Spleen, enlarged. Taste, lost, disordered. Tongue, blistered, white coated, heavy.

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