Adini sen koy episode 289 english subtitles

My daughter, I did it out of my good intentions, the food didn't had much oil or something I did not know.

adini sen koy episode 289 english subtitles

Do not eat it. What, what happened? You didn't eat, did you? Eating this food, did not you? Do you think I ate some bad food? No, I was eating pickles and I was sniffing this food It smells something weird, something like a detergent.

Yes, they mistakenly put detergent in food. So how can they make such an error? You could have die. Okay, I did not have it and there is no problem. Something could happen. Something it could happen to you. So what kind of irresponsibility is that? Oh my God, I hope that she have not eaten it.

My God, I hope that she hasn't eaten? Ah Mrs Jevrie. How did you do that? What is the matter Hadye again? What's happening again for God's sake? Okkesh, Mrs Jervie, pour the detergent into the food instead of oil. My daughter Zehra also took some of this food. If something happens to her Okkesh, Okkesh. Hadye, come to yourself, stop, stop, stop. My dear, stop, come to yourself. Nazan my girl, bring me the cologne.

Hadye, come to yourself. Nothing has happened, she hasn't eaten it. What is happening, what is happening, what is happening to the sister Hadye?Zehra says OK so you leave me no choice but to go and talk with my father. She goes to her room and calls home. His father is not there but Hamiyyet says they are all very happy about the wonderful night they had there.

She thinks he is going to tell everyone about the divorce. In the bedroom, Zehra says why he accepted the invitation. She says no, they have probably started preparations and it is too late.

Hamiyyet is worried about not being able to get everything ready. She is also invited to the party. A businessman comes and tells Canan that they need carpentry and real estate business for their big operation. She is excited that she has found such a big job for her uncle and Sabah. Zehra is sketching and tries to cover it with her fists when he asks her to show it to him. He sits beside her and holds her fists trying to move them gently from the page.

She is stirred and slowly pulls her hands away. Then he asks her which tie he should wear with his suit. She goes and gets another tie.

adini sen koy episode 289 english subtitles

He asks her to tie it for him. She starts and stops half way again stirred by his closeness. Everyone gets ready. They all go together. Everyone sits in the living room warmly talking. Sabah tells Zehra how nice it is to have this big family together.

adini sen koy episode 289 english subtitles

Zehra says it is too late.Parvin, are you sure? Look, this is a very important issue. I mean, those drugs are usually given to pregnant women. It is not for you, then why you are so surprised. I do not know what pregnancy, Where do you get the idea of pregnancy? Anyway, I have a meeting. Hello, Leyla? I'm Zehra. Are you okay? Why didn't you ever call, I was so worry about you.

Ya, my phone is not working. Leyla, will you go and check on my family? Yener, has taken the Yasamin's phone and I can not reach her either. No, no no, I call you. Leyla, I will call you later on, okay? I have to go. Okay, I will call. Why did she close it now? Her sound was bad too. Where is the number? The place that she workd? Should I call. Do you want something?

Have you been calling someone?The new daily diary of the Trt 1 screens The name Sen Koy will come to the screens every day from Monday, September 19 to every weekday.

Heat and light are always one step away, in the hands of your love.

Adini Feriha Koydum Season 2 English Subtitles

Love is that two hearts drifting towards each other can not unite in one way or the other, always fall away while trying to approach Although they show great resistance and not all Omer has six months of life to find himself in a compulsive game he never expected for the happiness of his remaining brother He has to marry Zehra from a different world. A six-month contract, a formal marriage, will pay Zehra the money she wants, and she will buy her six months.

The name goes to the information about the bays of the Eagle Havacilar and the Dumankaya Vision. Also the name-you-put-what-when-starts. He has marry to Zehraa completely different world in contrast to himself. However, the account at home does not fit the bazaar.

Post a Comment. Best Synopsis Online. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Popular Posts. The series, which started to be publishe Starring; Sukr It will not be easy to get Hangimiz Sevmedik Which of us did not love? Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama. While BSK is making the production of the series, Met Las llamas Powered by Blogger.Episode Zehra inner voice Is he coming here?

Off, what am I going to do now? Music Well, I was going to wash those, if you wanted a yacht. I was gonna get some water. Look, there's the cups over there, and the water's here. Music Sound of water I wonder what if aunt aa tried to see you? What would he say? My lazy bride is doing business. I think he loves his son. Yeah, she likes it, but she's worried about her hair. Well, 'cause his wife didn't say anything to dust him.

Actually, he's right when you look at it. Is he right? I don't think the real crime is in the bride. He hasn't come to see his mother in years because of his wife. Okay, so what should his wife's hand do if he has a tong? What should he do? Well, what should he do? Besides, you didn't please a woman a day.

Didn't I? Yeah, you couldn't.


But I did everything I could. Well, you didn't make the food she wanted. Well she wanted ribs stuffed. Is it over? Be careful. So don't blow that tap. Sound of water Music I understand a little bit of this. Good luck with.

I mean, this is closing in reverse. I chose the fabric myself.

adini sen koy episode 289 english subtitles

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It is seven years later. A little boy Ali is threatened by a man. Aziza arrives and rams into him making him fall and takes the boy away.

Adını Sen Koy 287. Bölüm

He is so scared he has urinated in his pants. She takes her to their little home and washes him clean. They don't have much to eat but she prepares something. Aysil calls Aziza and tells her she has found her a job at a high class boutique, cleaning and perhaps also sewing.

Aziza is grateful. They are possibly dead. He goes in and joins the ceremony. They eat at the table together with an older Asya.

He reluctantly accepts. Aziza feeds Ali in the morning and tells him not to open the door to anyone and goes to work. The landlord comes and breaks down the door and takes away their furniture and leaves him on the floor.

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